Continuous Compaction:The New Standard

It's easy to see why continuous compaction is the new standard in unpaved road maintenance.
The benefits speak for themselves

Cost-effective - Users are saving thousands of dollars every year simply by adding continuous compaction to their maintenance routine. Compacted roads require less maintenance lowering gravel and labor costs because the road surface is able to withstand weather and traffic forces.
Quality road surface - Can you put a price tag on happy constituents? Continuous compaction ensures a smooth, uniform road surface free of driving nuisances for area residents.

Environmental protection - Continuous compaction is the best preventative measure when dealing with environmentally sensitive areas. Less surface erosion and dust mean roads pose less contamination threat to streams and sensitive habitats.

Durable road surface - Continuous compaction guards against the road-damaging effects of water by decreasing permeability and maintaining proper drainage. A compacted road is less likely to succumb to sub-grade saturation problems that ultimately cause road failure.

Safety - Soft shoulders, ruts, loose gravel and uneven surfaces pose a serious hazard to drivers. Because continuous compaction creates a more stable, erosion resistant surface, it significantly reduces or eliminates these and many other potential hazards.
Routine maintenance normally misses a critical practice SURFACE COMPACTION
Surface compaction - surface compaction is the process of tightly packing the surface soil particles by removing air pockets. By applying pressure to the surface through rolling or tamping loose material, compaction presses the air out of the soil creating a packed and stable surface. Continuous compaction is the road management practice of using a grader-mounted compactor to compact the road surface after every maintenance procedure.

Simply by adding continuous surface compaction to their maintenance operations, municipalities are saving 30% to 40%, even up to 60%, on their road maintenance every year.The best part is continuous compaction doesn't require and additional manpower to operate. One man can do the work of Two.

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