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Lease a WR75 Series 3 Walk 'n' Roll packer/roller and a TD2000 Ridge Mulcher for FIVE (5) years for incredible low price of only $810.00 per month*.
Or just lease the WR75 Series 3 Walk 'n' Roll packer/roller for only $395.00 per month*.  The units are f.o.b. Billings, MT and the lease is subject to approval by Stillwater Leasing.
(*O.A.C. - Estimates Only - Rates are subject to Change)
The Internal Revenue Service rules do not require Funders/Lessors to pay taxes on profits from leases to government related agencies and municipalities. This savings is typically priced into the lease, thereby offering lease financing at lower rates than traditional commercial leases.

Most municipal lease can be custom-tailored to the appropriations cycle and other needs of the municipality.

100% financing is typically available. Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payment structures from 36 to 72 months are generally available based on the appropriation and revenue cycle of the specified municipality.

Most leases can be structured with, or without, a down-payment. Deferred payment options may also be available.

Paperwork process is typically quick and easy.

Early buy-out provisions are typically available to municipalities.

Municipal leasing avoids large lump-sum capital expenditures by spreading the equipment cost over its useful life.

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